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7 Day Home Yoga Strength Retreat

7 Day Home Yoga Strength Retreat

Become strong & flexible while finding inner peace
Home Yoga

Home Yoga Strength Retreat

What you'll learn

  • Benefit from all that yoga has to offer, in just a few minutes a day
  • From the comfort of your own home, you choose when to practice without having to attend expensive classes


  • A yoga mat to practice and an open mind!


7 Days of High Quality Video Content in 7 Structured 
Lesson + Bonus Lesson
Various Exercises for Legs, Upper Body and Core that Will Help 
You Build Strength in Your Whole Body
Various Exercises for Increasing Flexibility in Your Upper Body, 
Legs and Yin Flexibility
Guided Meditations and Techniques that Will Help You to Release from Stress
Breathing Technique Exercises to Help You With More Challenging 
Exercises and Poses
Classical & Ashtanga Style Sun Salutations
Active Discussion Boards and Direct Feedback for Your Results

Who this course is for:

The course is perfect for complete beginners and as such no previous 
experience is required
This course is also suited for those that have tried yoga but haven't been 
able to commit time to specific classes. If you are already a practicing 
"Yogi" or "Yogini" and have your routines down, then you would benefit 
more from a course for advanced Yoga Asanas
This course is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to practice yoga, 
but in their own time and at their own convenience
Its also perfect for those people wanting to enjoy the benefits of yoga, 
without having to pay for expensive classes at a health club or gym



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