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Audio Networking Course

How to connect multiple devices for audio communication, tempo synchronisation and kick-ass jamming sessions!!

audio networking
Audio Networking

What you'll learn

  • Students are going to learn how to route audio, MIDI, tempo and other data messages across wired networks


  • This course does expect you know how to use a laptop of handheld device, but thats it!
Ever wanted to know how you and your bandmates, friends and collaborators can jam in tempo matched real time with multiple laptops or handheld devices?
On this course you can get the entire Audio Connectivity section from the Live Performance Masterclass for free! Sign up and watch how to connect multiple hosts, laptops or portable devices to allow for audio, MIDI, Ableton Link and data communications across both wired and wireless networks. It's a whole new world of creativity when you can seamlessly move between apps, DAWS and music production stations to produce never before sounds and creations. What are you waiting for?!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at thos who want to know how to use multiple machines, laptops or handheld devices together for music production and synchronisation



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