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Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects

Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects

Jump Start Your Career Growth & Earning Potential. Learn Digital Marketing from Global Experts.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Digital Marketing Fundamentals

What you'll learn

  1. Understand different channels of digital marketing.
  2. Integrate components and channels of digital marketing in your overall 

    marketing strategy.

  3. Learn how to track and calculate return on investment.

  4. Have the ability to create online marketing plans.


  1. Anyone who wants to know and understand digital marketing can take this course.
  2. There are some places where the content may seem advanced, but you can skip those parts.


This course introduces Concepts of Digital Marketing. It provides formats,
hands-on experience and worksheets to create digital marketing strategies
in consonance with business objectives. It gives a complete knowledge of the
channels of digital marketing so that a marketer can decide which channel
would be the most profitable for the business. Identifying KPIs in digital
marketing are important and in this course I will show you how to identify KPIs..
The course aims to introduce digital marketing concepts and provide a systematic
overview of all channels and components of digital marketing. Digital marketing is
an integral part of any marketing process. By itself it is completely specialized and
extremely vast.
Complete with formats and worksheets, that you can apply instantly.

Who this course is for:
  • Suitable for startups, entrepreneurs and in-house digital marketing teams
  • Very suitable for those who want to make their career in digital marketing



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