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How to draw bird a realistic fantail using pencil

How to draw  bird a realistic fantail using pencil

Learn how to draw a bird using sketching, tone, texture and fine details in this easy to follow course
how to draw a bird
How to draw a bird

What you'll learn

  • Make a realistic drawing of a bird
  • Use basic shapes to work out the proportions of the bird

  • Feel in or sketch the bird from a photograph

  • Add tone to the drawing to make it look more three dimensional
  • Use fine details to bring out the textures of the feathers and the other details of the bird
  • Understand how contrast helps you to draw the viewers eye into the area of the drawing you choose the be the point of impact


You will need several pencils including HB, 2B, 4B and 6B, and eraser,
 a craft knife and some drawing paper.


Have you ever wanted to make a realistic drawing of a bird?
This course will teach you all of the steps you need to follow to make a freehand
drawing of a beautiful New Zealand bird, the Fantail. We will be using a range of
pencils and other drawing materials to produce this drawing. We will cover the
following sections in this course:
1. Preparing for the course by selecting your tools and photograph
2. Sketching the Fantail's proportions and features
3. Adding tone to make the drawing appear more three dimensional
4. Adding fine layers of tone to start to understand light and contrast
5. Adding texture to bring out the beautiful feathers of the Fantail
6, Adding fine details to make Fantail appear more realistic

By taking this course you will develop a strong understanding of the drawing
skills and techniques needed to draw a realistic looking bird. This knowledge
can then be applied to any bird or animal you choose to draw.



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