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Operations Management

Operations Management

Gain fundamental insights to world of Operations Management from award winning Professor Gad Allon
Operations Management

Operations Management


A Faculty Project Course - Best Professors Teaching the World
This course provides a general introduction to operations management. This course
aims to (1) familiarize you with the major operational problems and issues that
confront managers, and (2) provide you with language, concepts, insights and tools
to deal with these issues in order to gain competitive advantage through operations.
This course should be of particular interest to people aspiring a career in designing
and managing business processes, either directly (V.P. of Ops, COO) or indirectly
(e.g. management consulting).

The course should also be of interest to people who
manage interfaces between operations and other business functions such as finance,
marketing, managerial accounting and human resources. Finally, a working knowledge
of operations, which typically employs the greatest number of employees and requires
the largest investment in assets, is indispensable for general managers and entrepreneurs.
We will see how different business strategies require different business processes, and
vice versa, how different operational capabilities allow and support different strategies
to gain competitive advantage.

 A process view of operations will be used to analyze
different key operational dimensions such as capacity management, flow time management,
supply chain management, and quality management. We will also discuss developments
such as lean operations, just-in-time operations, and time-based competition.

Class is now in session! Enroll now and join in on a discussion with Prof. Allon.



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